Preventive Maintenance Strategies - PMS

Preventive Maintenance Strategies (PMS) are based on long-run-average-coast principle. It is a kind of proactive maintenance that is regularly performed on any equipment to reduce the likelihood of it failing.

The intention of Velosi’s Preventive Maintenance Strategies are to maximize the fruitful life span of any particular asset, and it is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not fail abruptly. Our maintenance software allows you to set effective preventive maintenance strategies according to the triggers that are appropriate for each piece of equipment. When the trigger happens, a work order will be made.

Benefits of PMS:

Prevents major repairs.
Extends the life of assets.
Reduces maintenance costs.
Prevents delays.
Increases productivity.
Enhances safety and quality conditions.

PMS Deliverables:

Preventive Maintenance Strategies, Task List and Intervals
Job Plans including Required Resources and Man-Hours
List of Spare parts for Preventive Maintenance Implementation


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