Asset Integrity Bundle (Asset Integrity, Oil & Gas Essentials & Pipeline Integrity Management)

Asset Integrity Bundle (Asset Integrity, Oil & Gas Essentials & Pipeline Integrity Management)

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  • Become a Certified Asset Integrity Engineer by completing the Asset Integrity Management Specialist Course. This training will provide the delegates with a complete theoretical and practical understanding in implementing asset integrity safeguard assets, people and environment.

    Asset integrity management (AIM) focuses on the core elements of safety, environmental protection, reliability, regulatory compliance and data management. An effective Asset Integrity program provides assurance that a facility’s equipment and assets are designed, fabricated, procured, installed and maintained in a manner appropriate for its intended application, throughout the life of the operation.

    Asset Integrity Management Training – Full Course Outline

  • Become a Certified Pipeline Integrity Specialist by completing the Pipeline Integrity Management Course.

    Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) is a comprehensive approach to understanding and operating pipelines safely and reliably from beginning to end. PIM programs are pipeline owner-operators’ management systems that consider all stages of the pipeline life cycle, including conception, engineering and design, construction, operation, inspection, and, if necessary, repair/replacement.

    Pipeline integrity inspectors will learn the best practices for managing data received from various inspection techniques and applying it to modeling potential failures at the end of this course. It will also teach attendees how to make the most of your inspection and maintenance resources in order to create a comprehensive integrity management program that covers pipelines and their associated facilities.

    The components of a program are presented in depth, with examples of typical program content, including an overview of where comprehensive risk analysis and defect assessment. Lectures, workshops, and case studies make up the course, which is extremely involved.

    Pipeline Integrity Management Training – Full Course Outline

  • Velosi is conducting Oil and Gas Essentials Training online.

    As the world's primary fuel sources, oil, and natural gas are major industries in the energy industry that have a significant impact on the global economy, the production and distribution processes and systems are very complicated, capital-intensive, and require cutting-edge technology. The oil and gas sector worldwide, going under significant transformations as a result of international pricing rivalry, changing industry dynamics, aging asset infrastructure, and the need to decommission equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner.

    Oil & Gas Essentials Training – Full Course Outline

  • Asset Integrity: Dec 18 – Jan 15 | 5 Saturdays | 9AM – 3PM

    Pipeline Integrity: Jan 22 – Feb 19 | 5 Saturday | 9AM – 3PM

    Oil & Gas Essentials: Feb 26 – March 12 | 3 Saturday | 9AM – 03PM

    *Offers are valid until the 31st of December 2021 only.

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