How To Efficiently Manage Process Plant Shutdown and Turnarounds

How To Efficiently Manage Process Plant Shutdown and Turnarounds

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Introduction to Process Plant Shutdown & Turnarounds

Several process plants go under a shutdown or turnaround process depending on the situation, which relates to any maintenance activity repairs, inspections, or updating. Plant shutdowns and turnarounds both aim to enhance asset/equipment performance. The only difference they pose is that shutdowns are not always planned, while turnarounds are planned beforehand.

Process plant shutdown constitutes controllably discontinuing all processes going on. As a shutdown can be mostly unplanned, certain measures should be immediately taken to reduce an adverse impact on the regular production process. A turnaround is also known as a planned shutdown, which requires planned maintenance activities to maximize plant performance.

Moreover, plant shutdowns need to be carried out very systematically to eliminate overhead shutdown costs which can unfavorably affect overall organizational productivity. In addition, turnarounds shall be proficiently planned, managed, and controlled to prevent unnecessary costs overhaul, maintenance downtime, and negative client impression.

The overall purpose of shutdown and turnaround is to enhance and maintain the overall safety, efficiency, reliability, and integrity of plant assets and their performances.

Proficiently Managing Process Plant Shutdown & Turnarounds

Process plant shutdowns and turnarounds can contribute to executing expensive maintenance activities. Therefore, proper planning and management will execute sustainable solutions for cost- and time-efficient shutdowns/turnarounds.

Management encourages effective implementation of shutdown phases:

  1. Start-up
  2. Planning
  3. Implementing
  4. Controlling
  5. Completing

These phases incorporate fundamentals and prevention measures for a productive shutdown/turnaround/outage. The phases also contribute to enhancing equipment/asset performance, health & safety, resource management, cost, and time management. Moreover, effective management increases the probability of documenting the most accurate results during post-shutdown review. The management process follows international industry standards and best practices.

Efficiently Manage Process Plant Shutdown and Turnarounds
Shutdown and Turnaround Phases

Process Plant Shutdown & Turnaround Training

As discussed above, shutdowns and turnarounds are becoming difficult to manage and control due to complex resources. Being an imperative component in the oil and gas industry, shutdowns and turnarounds shall be properly executed, managed, and controlled accordingly to avoid any foreseen accidents. An extensive training course will assist owners, contractors, subcontractors, and employees to achieve their turnaround objectives.

Velosi’s comprehensive Process Plant Shutdown and Turnaround Training will equip professional trainers and expertise to assist industry owners in successfully executing, managing, and controlling process plant shutdowns and turnarounds.

Learning objectives of the course:

  • Develop an understanding of effective shutdown and startup management.
  • Plan and execute a successful shutdown and startup.
  • Ensure a smooth shutdown and restart by selecting performance metrics efficiently.
  • Find out how contractors can be engaged during shutdowns and startups to ensure commitment.
  • Emphasize the importance of efficient and logical planning strategies for shutdowns and restarts.
  • Implement shutdowns and startup procedures using industrial case studies.

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