Sil Study For All Operating Units at QP Refinery, Mesaieed

  • Qatar Petroleum
  • Mesaieed, Qatar
  • Middle-East
Qatar Petroleum hired Velosi to carry out Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Study for all their operating units at QP Refinery, located at Mesaieed, Qatar for identifying all the gaps and make necessary recommendations to maintain safety of whole operations.


  • Velosi carried out SIL Study for all their operating units at QP Refinery for intended safety and fit for purpose for the next 20 years. The SIL Study was conducted in accordance with IEC 61511 to verify through SIL verification calculations that the design meets the integrity levels.
  • Perform statistical measurement of how likely a process or a system is to be operational and ready to serve the function for which it is intended, including the calculated time to its likelihood of failure.

Scope of Work

  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification and Analysis
  • Generation of Report and Recomendation


  • Master Plan for Safety Life Cycle Management
  • Calibrated Risk Graph Matrix
  • List of all SIF with Assigned SIL
  • SIL Verification Report with Calculation Sheet for each SIF
  • SRS Report
  • Gap Analysis Report and Recommendations for each SIF
  • Master PM Plan for each SIF Devices to Maintain SIL Level
  • Spurious Trip Report
  • Guidelines for QA/QC Of Effectiveness of PM Plans for all SIL
  • Guidelines to Suggest Ways and Means for all Actions Need to be Logged and for How Many Years the Records Need to be Maintained
  • Guideline for Carrying out Periodic Auditing of SIL Validation and Verification Program
  • SIL Identification Program
  • Software and License of Exsilentia or Equivalent Software
  • Guideline for Carrying out SIL Assessments for Future Modifications Done In-House at Different Stages
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