How Does EERA (Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Assessment) Facilitate Organizations During an Emergency?

What is EERA (Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Assessment)?

EERA is a technical safety technique performed to assess the functioning of escape, evacuation, and rescue measures and arrangements. It is critical to determine whether escape routes are available following a significant accident, as well as whether EER facilities may be impaired if they are required. Therefore, EERA is utilized for estimating the time necessary for gathering and evaluation.

Objectives of EERA

The prime objective of EERA is to ensure that sufficient measures are taking place at the facility enabling the safety of the people in case of any major accident.

The Main Objectives Include:

  1. Identification and evaluation of potential emergency events and hazards.
  2. Detection of alarm systems
  3. Ensuring effective communication through the alarm systems in place.
  4. Analyzing accessible and well-designed escape routes that can be easily used in case of an emergency.
  5. Ensuring a specific confined space design for people to gather and stay safe with supporting systems during an investigation.
  6. Identify and analyze well-defined confined spaces with effective evacuation plans in case of any major or natural hazards.
  7. Evaluate proper evacuation arrangements and support systems for people to evacuate in a controlled manner under any emergency conditions.
  8. Monitor and control the effectiveness of existing emergency systems, procedures, and plans.
  9. Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards.
  10. Develop and implement extensive emergency management plans.
  11. Layout recommendations to improve escape, evacuation, and rescue strategies.
  12. Regularly test and implement best practices of emergency plans and procedures to ensure and regulate safety.
Escape Signs
Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Signs        

Benefits of EERA Study

As resources in the industry are becoming vast, there is a high demand for properly managing them at every facility. Resource management initially prioritizes the safety of personnel within the facility to avoid huge accidental impacts. Therefore, a well-structured and efficient escape, evacuation, and rescue assessment are critical in preventing injuries and fatalities during any emergency.


The Following are Significant Benefits of EERA:

  • Easy escape routes will be properly oriented prior to any major accident.
  • An evacuation plan after analysis will be routed in a controlled manner.
  • Improper rescue measures causing bottleneck situations will undergo proper implementation of effective evacuation plans.
  • Safety will not be compromised through an effective escape, evacuation, and rescue assessment.
  • All necessary measures will be in place and potential hazards will be documented accordingly for future use.
  • Complying with regulatory standards will mark organizational integrity further enhancing business productivity.

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