How Can We Manage Building Facilities with CMMS?

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How Can We Manage Building Facilities with CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System in facilities/ building management will efficiently make sure that it constitutes care of equipment, assets, building components, and infrastructure. The core of any successful maintenance strategy is to maintain asset health. To enhance the organization’s overall efficiency and provide complete compliance, the CMMS software will centralize maintenance information and facilitate the process of maintenance operations.

CMMS has several features that contribute to a systematic approach to conducting coherent operations. It is an extensive tool that appropriately functions as a data storehouse and generates reports.

A powerful tool that helps to extensively manage maintenance functions such as:

  • Enhance overall work efficiency

CMMS helps to plan and schedule resources and prepare beforehand to not waste time in searching equipment history.

  • Expand equipment availability

Equipment availability is necessary to plan, schedule, and complete equipment evaluation with maintenance histories to thoroughly lead to potential improvements in equipment availability.

  • Recommended equipment control

Materials are linked to specific types of equipment through work orders. CMMS helps to stock bills of specific materials through effective strategies, eliminating the risk of duplicate permits. CMMS stores material information and functionality to make the desired available when it is needed for work.

Prime Features of CMMS

  1. Generating proper scheduling of infrastructures and assets
  • Setting and mapping infrastructure in a tree format
  • Determining the geographical positioning of buildings
  • Identifying specific technical attributes, and cost elements
  • Analyzing the required attachments such as drawings, certifications, and guarantees
  1. Maintenance Organization
  • Vigilantly plan and schedule persistent maintenance contracts
  • Analyze details for pending preventive maintenance per asset
  • Gather an adequate amount of information for necessary materials/spare parts per asset
  • Store a systematic record of approved contractors and spare part suppliers
  1. Keep Track of Work Orders and Its Status
  • Spontaneously identify customer complaints through a specific portal or call center
  • Monitor task progression in the given time
  • Inform designated team details and assignments of various tasks
  • Observe response times and compliance to SLAs (service–level agreements)
  1. Evaluate Tasking Cost Procedures
  • Generate automatic submission of reports to customers
  • Evaluate labor and material/spare parts cost
  • Generate accurate cost analysis for every customer installation.
  • Monitor work order history


Following are the pre-dominant Benefits of CMMS:

  • Streamlined Reactive Maintenance and Work Order Management
  • Optimized Preventive and Planned Maintenance
  • Effective Asset Management
  • Improved Contractor Management
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Powerful Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Multi-Site and Portfolio Management
  • Increased Tenant Satisfaction

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