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VAIL-Plant (Asset Integrity Management System)

VAIL-Plant (Asset Integrity Management System)


VAIL-Plant is a software tool that is used to facilitate VELOSI Risk Based Inspection/Maintenance methodology. It helps implement efficient inspection/maintenance plans and inspection/maintenance data management.

VAIL-Plant helps quantify risks of all onshore and offshore installations such as vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, fin-fan coolers, piping, drums, columns, turbines, compressors, pumps, instrumentation loops, etc. By using VAIL-Plant, risks can be calculated and defined in terms of safety, environment, and expenses following which a feasible inspection/maintenance plan can be advised based on the highest risk reduction per inspection cost. VAIL-Plant includes the following modules to cover different categories of equipment.

  • Asset Performance Management System (APMS)
  • Pressurized Equipment Management System (PEMS)
  • Pipeline Integrity Management System Onshore (PIMS-ON)
  • Pipeline Integrity Management System Offshore (PIMS-OFF)
  • Structure Integrity Management System (SIMS)
  • Pressure Safety Valve & relief Valve Management System (PSVMS)
  • Electrical, Instrumental and Rotary Management System (EIRMS)
  • Lifting Equipment Management System (LEMS)
  • Wellhead Integrity Management System (WHIMS)
  • Civil Inspection Management System (CIMS)
  • Cathodic Protection Condition Evaluation System (CPMS)
  • Hull Integrity Management System (HIMS)
  • Flexible Riser Integrity Management System (FRIMS)
  • Inspection Scheduling Management System (ISMS)
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System Interface (ERPI)
Why VAIL-Plant (Asset Integrity Management System)?

For safety in a plant, it is important for all equipment to be monitored at regular intervals to ensure good working order and to prevent potential problems. By using VAIL-Plant, we can prevent a plant from damage caused by corrosion, cracking, etc., all of which can eventually lead to catastrophic failures.

VAIL-Plant identifies the equipment carrying the highest risks, enabling plant operators to improve overall control of their asset conditions by optimizing inspection, asset monitoring and by linking it to their maintenance systems. It is also designed to integrate all inspection data on site.

Benefits & Features: Asset Integrity And Management
  • Management and Monitoring of Inspection/Maintenance KPIs
  • Link documents and drawings to assets and allow viewing
  • Provides extensive AIMS reports for operations, engineers, as well as management users
  • Import & export bulk data using a standard format
  • Classification of equipment type based on plant hierarchy
  • Generating facility status integrity reports
  • Reporting trends (risk levels, leaks, failures, remnant life, corrosion rates, replacements etc.)
Inspection/Maintenance Management
  • Stores technical information e.g. work history, inspection plans, findings and recommendations
  • Provide extensive inspection reports for users of all levels.
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Capture reliability data
  • Inspection/Maintenance history recording
  • Failure & replacement history data capturing
  • Counting of the failures/leaks against a customized filter and reporting
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) & Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
Risk Management
  • Provides criticality assessment using API, RBI qualitative & semi-quantitative methodology
  • Provides proactive PIRs (Plant Inspection Requirements)
  • Provides proactive PMRs (Plant Maintenance Routines)
  • Predicts remaining life and next inspection interval of equipment using corrosion rates and criticality ranking
Typical Reports
  • Dynamic inspection frame program along with inspection overview for outline planning
  • Inspection plans illustrating what to perform, how to execute, where to apply, which inspection technique to implement, what skill set to utilize, which tools are to be employed and how much time it will take
  • Inspection plan for turnaround time
  • Generation of PIRs (Plant Inspection Requirements) per activity basis, along with inspection sketches
  • Inspection task and master plan sheet for each tag, along with engineering and design data, applicable damage mechanisms and required inspection techniques along with percentage coverage
  • Overall risk matrix along with a listing of equipment tags
  • Trends reporting (Dash Board concept)
  • Reliability data reporting (failure history, maintenance history, leakage history) for each tag.
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