Provision of Technical Assistance to Develop the Preventive Plans and MRP for Reggane Facilities

  • Groupement Reggane Nord
  • Algeria
  • North Africa
Reggane Facilities
Groupement Reggane Nord (GRN) assigned Velosi to update the technical data of equipment in the company CMMS and to establish Preventive maintenance plans (PMP’s), Maintenance routines (MR’s), verification of the current selection of Safety Critical Elements (SECEs) and Production Critical Elements (PECEs), Equipment bill of material (BoM’s), Preventive maintenance BoM and definition of critical spares, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) for material required to carry out the next three years preventive maintenance routines as well as for critical spares.


The scope of the project is the asset facilities belonging to the Groupement Reggane Nord located in the Reggane Basin, southwest of Algiers. The preventive maintenance plan and the maintenance routines included in the scope of this contract, are generated to maximize the availability and reliability of the equipment in the asset of GRN.

Main equipment included in this scope is the following:

  • 3 Turbo-generator packages
  • 4 gas compressor packages
  • 1 turbo-expander package.
  • Emergency diesel generator packages
  • Fiscal and operative metering systems

As in total 296 Equipment and 6507 sub equipment were covered in four deliverables. The preventive maintenance plans and the maintenance developed for rotating equipment, electrical equipment and instrumentation equipment. On the contrary, the bill of materials (BoM’s), Preventive maintenance BoM’s, definition of critical spares equipment and material requirements (MRP) are defined for all equipment defined by the company.


  • Velosi has used technical data of the equipment, OEM manual and best industrial practices for the development of PMP’S and MRs.
  • Velosi has used SPIR forms for the development of BOM for preventive maintenance, BOM for equipment and their auxiliaries and material requirement planning.


  • Velosi has successfully updated the technical data of the equipment as per the data provided by the GRN.
  • Velosi has developed the PMPs and maintenance strategies for PMR as per OEM recommendations and best industrial practices.
  • Velosi has successfully developed the Spare part lists required for preventive maintenance and also specified their quantity for each intervention.
  • Apart from developing the spare part list for preventive maintenance, Velosi has also developed the bill of material for each equipment and their sub equipment.
  • Velosi has also developed the material requirement that ensure the maximum availability of a required spare part and therefore minimizing the downtime or MTTR when equipment failure occurs. Velosi has defined three parameters in material requirement planning:
    1. Maximum quantity to be held in stock.
    2. Safety stock or minimum quantity to be stocked which is only required for critical material.
    3. Reorder point which is the quantity of unit in which the replenishment of item needs to be triggered to reach the maximum point.


Velosi submitted the following deliverables:

  • Verification of the current selection of Safety Critical Elements (SECEs) based on GRN project Bow-Ties as well as of the Production Critical Elements (PECEs).
  • Update the technical data of equipment in the company CMMS,
  • Equipment Bill of Materials (BoMs),
  • Preventive maintenance plans (PMPs).
  • Maintenance routines (MRs).
  • Preventive Maintenance BoM,
  • Definition of Critical Spares,
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) for materials required to carry out the next three years Preventive Maintenance Routines as well as for Critical Spares.
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