Robt Stone has awarded a contract to Velosi to perform Corrosion Risk Assessment Study (CRAS) - EPC for New Flow Suction Tank, Access Platforms, Dead Leg Repair Works and Sewage Treatment Plant in Bu Hasa, United Arab Emirates.

February 16, 2024
Our Role

The objective of the Corrosion Risk Assessment Study (CRAS) is to identify and assess all possible potential threats arising from corrosion and similar metallurgical failure mechanisms. Based on a risk analysis approach the Project material selection and corrosion control is reviewed. In the case that an unacceptable risk is identified, recommendations are provided in order to reduce risk.

Velosi Corrosion Risk Assessment Study (CRAS) team will perform CRAS study on materials selected for the new equipment and piping being installed at the plant and will prepare Corrosion Loop Drawings, CRAS register, and CRAS Report.

Team Velosi will complete the assigned project by issuing the following deliverables:
• Corrosion Loop Drawings for Scope of the Study
• CRAS Register for the Complete Project Scope and Corrosion Loops
• CRAS Report for the Study

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