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Basic Food Hygiene Training Level 2

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Course Overview

Velosi is conducting online training for Basic Food Hygiene Training Level 2 Course.

If you work in the hotel or service industry, you must adhere to the most up-to-date food and sanitation rules. This Basic Food Hygiene Training Level 2 Course is designed to assist you in complying with approved regulations, which mandates that any person who handles food be properly trained in food hygiene. The content of this course also adheres to People 1st's and the Sector Skills Council's Industry Standards for the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel, and Tourism industries.

Anyone in the catering sector who handles, prepares, or serves food will benefit from the Basic Food Hygiene Training Level 2 Course. By legislation, all food handlers must have a basic understanding of food hygiene concepts and know how to work effectively in order to avoid food contamination. Understand their legal obligations and what constitutes best practice in terms of food safety threats, temperature control, food storage, food preparation, personal hygiene, and cleaning of the facilities.

Learning Objectives

The goal of this course is to provide a thorough grasp of food safety and hygiene concepts and procedures in the hotel, catering, and food processing industries. The trainees will be able to provide guidance and assistance on food hygiene management, as well as identify best practices and develop a food company improvement strategy.

Learners will be able to demonstrate the following competencies at the conclusion of the training:

  • Identify and correct food hygiene issues.
  • Implement healthy eating habits.
  • To achieve a high food standard, use effective control procedures.
  • Describe how food safety management systems work.
  • As a food handler, you must understand work ethics and legal requirements in order to satisfy clients.

Course Outline

The course uses a combination of written text, interactive activities, and video content to offer learners with up-to-date food hygiene information.

Tutorials, discussions, workshops, and tests will be part of this one-day program.

 • Introduction to food safety

• Two of the most prevalent causes of food poisoning are bacteria and food poisoning

• The dangers of food contamination and how to avoid them

• Purchasing and delivery

• Hygiene and general well-being

• Planning, prepping, preparing, cooking, and serving

• Temperature control

• Design and construction of food facilities and equipment

• Cleaning and disinfection

• Controlling pests

Mode of Delivery

Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

Training Timings

1-Day Course from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM GST (Dubai Time)                                                                                                                                 

Materials Provided

  • Presentation Slides
  • Training Recordings
  • Study References


Upon successful completion of training, participants will receive a “Basic Food Hygiene Training Level 2 Course Completion” certificate.

Who Should Attend?

This level 2 training course is appropriate for food handlers working in restaurants, hotels, schools, work canteens, nurseries, and care organizations, as well as cafes, bars, fastfood restaurants, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, and colleges, and anywhere else where food is made or handled.

Discount Scheme

Participants can avail discount of either an early bird or group discount whichever is higher with additional discount when signing up for 2 or more courses.

Early Bird Discount:

  • 10% Discount if you register 2 weeks in advance from the demo session.
  • 5% Discount if you register 1 week in advance from the demo session.

Group Discount (same company only)

  • 15% Discount for groups of 5 or more.
  • 10% Discount for groups of 3-4.

Bundle Discount

  • Sign up for 2 courses and get an extra 10% off
  • Sign up for 3 courses and get an extra 15% off

Total Seats: 20
Reserved Seats: 15

  Session Upcoming
Register Here

199 AED 149 AED

Pay now to confirm your spot and receive 10% off!

Early Bird Discount:
10% Discount if you register 2 weeks in advance.
5% Discount if you register 1 week in advance.

Group Discount:
15% Discount for groups of 5 or more.
10% Discount for groups of 3-4.

25 October 2021
09:00 AM to 03:00 PM UAE Time

Online (Microsoft Teams)


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