VAIL-Plant Module - Wellhead Integrity Management System (WHIMS)

Wellhead Integrity Management System is an integrated process used to mitigate the risk and cost of intervention in well integrity incidents, using a multidisciplinary approach and real-time intelligence.

Our well integrity experts apply FMECA-based (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis) RBI methodology for wellhead integrity assessment and establish the customer methodologies according to industry standards like BS EN 60812, IEC 60812, OREDA, API 6A, API 14B, API 14C, API 7L, API RP 57 and ISOTS – 116530-2 to automate their preventive maintenance activities.

At Velosi, it’s our motto to ensure that wells operate as designed for their assigned life with all risks kept as low as reasonably practicable or as mentioned, securing each well’s integrity. Hence, we provide exceptional operating standards and guidelines for maintaining the well integrity parameters so that the Return on Investment (ROI) is maximized without sacrificing the safety and environment.

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Benefits of WHIMS

Compares different well maintenance alternatives with respect to blowout probabilities.
Evaluates the blowout risk for specific well equipment.
Identifies potential barrier problems in specific well types.
Assesses the effect of various risk reduction methods.
Analyze potential barrier problems during well interventions/maintenance activities.

WHIMS Deliverables

Formulization of Asset Register
Identification of Applicable Damage Mechanism/Degradation Mechanism
Risk Ranking and Calculation of Criticality Based on Calculated Probability of Failure (POF) and Consequence of Failure (COF)
Inspection Plan against Calculated Criticality Factors

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