As-Built Drafting Services

After the construction or modification of any facility, all relevant engineering drawings, associated documents, and schedules are required to be updated to As-Built status in order to represent the actual installation.

Velosi is a pioneer in the region in conducting the Red Line Mark-up (RLMU) and upgrading the drawings in 2D and 3D through Intelligent Software i.e. AutoCAD, SmartSketch, Smart Plant P&IDs (SPPID), Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI), Smart Plant Electrical (SPE), PDMS, PDS and SP3D.

As-Built Drafting

Benefits of As-Built Drafting Services

Helps you use the existing space effectively by eliminating the costly changes that might appear because of inaccurate sets of drawings.
Can be used as a reference for future maintenance and planning, providing a proper outline of the existing design.
Offers valuable insights into the property, highlighting design opportunities or constraints on architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and site conditions.


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