VAIL-Plant Module - Flexible Pipeline Integrity Management System (FPIMS Software)

VAIL-Plant FPIMS module allows to specifically to manage and process information regarding flexible pipeline’s risk assessment and inspection planning. This module is based on API 17J and helps to assess the integrity of the pipeline and its immediate threats.

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VAIL - Plant FPIMS Module encompasses the following features

Identification of Degradation Mechanisms with reference to API 17B for exhaustive list of failure modes and possible defects for flexible risers.
Division of Flexible Pipeline into subsystems and degradation loops.
Probability of failure and consequences for each equipment.
Evaluation of the impact of changes in process conditions and materials on installation risk and inspection program.
Risk Analysis for each degradation mechanism.
Determination of Confidence Grading.
Development of detailed inspection plan.
Risk Analysis of Flexible Pipeline.
Drawings Management.
Graphical Trends.
Effective Reporting.
Custom Query.

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