Corrosion Management Plan (CMP)

Corrosion Management Plan (CMP)

Corrosion Management Plan (CMP) is part of the overall facility management system, which is concerned with the development, implementation, review and maintenance of the corrosion policy.

Corrosion management addresses the management of threats to mechanical integrity arising from mechanism of material degradation, corrosion and failure.

The most common approach to improve asset corrosion management is to perform an integrity review and use its various products to create or update an asset corrosion management strategy document.

CMP will be compromised of Customization of Damage Mechanism Narratives, Plant Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), Dashboard, KPIs and Corrosion Management Strategies.

CMP deployment must follow the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach so that lessons learned are captured/exploited and continuous improvement achieved at subsequent deployments. For this, the corporate CMP Database is designed to capture major corrosion challenges, potential damage mechanisms, performance measures, corrosion management strategies, technologies and recommendations. This database also serves as a tracking system for reviews and recommendation implementation.


Identification of Corrosion Threats
Major Historical Corrosion challenges
Work Processes (Core, Strategic, Tactical, Elemental and Atomic)
Corrosion Control and Mitigation Strategies
Corrosion Monitoring and Inspection
Integrity Operating Windows
Program Performance Review and Management
Roles and Responsibilities
Reviews and Continuous Improvement


Gap Analysis
Material Selection Diagrams and Table
Corrosion Loops
Risk-based Inspection (RBI) Findings
Chemical Injection Locations
Process Fluid Sampling
Damage Mechanism Narratives
Integrity Operating Window
CMP Dashboard
Corrosion Control Document


Case Studies