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  • Velosi is conducting Cyber Secure Coder Training online.

    With over 100 billion lines of software code produced each year and 70 percent of code in apps composed of open-source software and third-party libraries, the stakes for software security are extremely high, and yet many development teams are forced to address software security when a vulnerability has been exposed. To ensure successful implementation, security and privacy issues should be managed throughout the entire software development lifecycle, just like any other aspect of software quality. Cyber Secure Coder is designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to design and develop secure applications by leveraging many of the OWASP Top Ten best practices. This includes a better understanding of security vulnerabilities, a general strategy for dealing with security defects and misconfiguration, and how to incorporate security into all phases of development.

    Velosi has a “learn to ace” approach, our team comprises professional and expert trainers who ensure to enhance your ability and skills through grasping knowledge about the specified course effectively. This course presents a strategy for dealing with security and privacy issues throughout the software development lifecycle. You will learn about security vulnerabilities and how to identify and fix them in your own projects. You will learn general strategies for dealing with security defects and misconfiguration, as well as how to design software to deal with the human element in security and how to incorporate security into all phases of development.

  • By completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Determine the importance of security in your software projects.
    • Eliminate software vulnerabilities.
    • Design a secure architecture for your software using a Security by Design approach.
    • Put in place common safeguards to protect users and data.
    • Use a variety of testing methods to detect and correct security flaws in your software.
    • Deploy software up to date to ensure ongoing security.
  • Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

  • Training will be conducted via Microsoft Team Meeting. Meeting invites will be shared on the day before the first day of training.

    • Presentation Slides
    • Training Recordings
    • Study References
  • Upon successful completion of training, participants will receive “Cyber Secure Coder Course Completion” certificate.

  • This course is appropriate for a wide range of professionals but not limited to:

    • Individuals having knowledge or strong grip as cybersecurity practitioners, performing job functions that are related to protecting information systems.
    • Individuals working as Software developers, testers, and architects developing multiple programming languages, required to develop highly protected applications for business and organizational use.
    • Individuals who want to gain more knowledge and skills in the cybersecurity context.
    • Individuals who wish to enhance their career opportunities in the field of technology, information systems, and cybersecurity.
  • While there are no formal prerequisites for registering for and scheduling an exam, we strongly advise you to first have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the following:

    • Create applications using a variety of programming languages and coding environments while adhering to widely accepted coding best practices.
    • Create applications for a variety of platforms: web, cloud, mobile, and desktop.
    • Write and analyze use cases, technical requirements, specifications, and other application documentation.
  • There is no application fee, supporting documentation, or other requirements for the Cyber Secure CoderTM (CSC) exam. You must pass eligibility verification measures in order to take the exam, you must purchase a voucher to accomplish the exam successfully with proper registration.

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  • Participants can avail a discount of either an early bird or group discount whichever is higher with an additional discount when signing up for 2 or more courses.

    Group Discount (same company only)

    • 15% Discount for groups of 5 or more
    • 10% Discount for groups of 3-4

    Bundle Discount

    • Sign up for 2 courses and get an extra 10% off
    • Sign up for 3 courses and get an extra 15% off
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Course Outline

    • Identifying the Need for Security in Your Software Projects
    • Handling Vulnerabilities
    • Designing for Security
    • Developing Secure Code
    • Implementing Common Protections
    • Testing Software Security
    • Maintaining Security in Deployed Software

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