Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)

Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA) is a systematic analysis of the compliance status of a facility and/or the extent of environmental liability. This process is a documented assessment of a facility, focusing on the present operating and administrative processes.

Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)

Methodology of Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)

ECA comprises an investigation of:

Business operations
Waste streams
Permit requirement compliance
Regulatory reporting and recordkeeping requirements
Chemical and hazardous material usage and handling
Discharges to air, land or water

Velosi offers outstanding Environmental Compliance Audit solutions to private and government organizations to help them confirm the effectiveness of environmental management systems (EMS) and to identify compliance issues.

Significance of conducting Environmental Compliance Audits

We clearly understand the Significance of conducting Environmental Compliance Audits for identifying environmental liabilities of a facility’s operations that includes:

Improper handling.
Storage or disposal of hazardous substances.
Faulty or misused equipment leading to spills or releases of hazardous substances.
Human health risks.
Improper permitting and recordkeeping that can result in serious fines.

Velosi’s skilled and experienced environmental professionals can help and guide facility owners and managers to carry out detailed compliance audits to correct these concerns to hinder penalties and liabilities.

Benefits of ECA

Ensures legislative compliance.
Reduces environmental impacts.
Mitigates waste, water and energy costs.

ECA Deliverables

Audit Study
Time Targeted Action Plan
Synchronizing the Internal/External Communication System
Monitoring Schedules of the Legal Compliance


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