Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management
Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the capability of an organization to define, integrate and retrieve data for both internal applications and external communication, focusing on the development of consistent, accurate and transparent content.

Accentuating data precision, coarseness and meaning, EDM is concerned with how the content is actually integrated into business applications, and how it is transmitted from one business process to another.

Velosi’s exceptional Enterprise Data Management solutions help our clients achieve their data management goals in terms of quality, security, and accessibility, maximizing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Through effective Enterprise Data Management programs, we help our clients ensure that their workforce has the accurate and timely data they require and that they follow the necessary standards for storing quality data in a standardized, secured, and governed place.

Velosi’s Enterprise Data Management solutions are designed in such a way to enable all the IT administrators, database administrators, and IT project managers to document and direct the flow of data from ingestion, controlling the process of removing data that particular business does not require. This life cycle is known as a data lineage and managing the data lineage properly, data becomes less vulnerable to breaches, legal complications and incorrect analyses.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Management

Enables access to high-quality data for meticulous analysis.
Ensures that data is secured and compliant under regulatory standards.
Helps consolidate data across various sources for enhanced efficiency.
Enables to set up a consistent data architecture that scales with the organizational objectives.


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