Environmental Modelling and Assessment (EMA)

Environmental Modelling and Assessment (EMA) allows a deeper understanding of the major processes and techniques to manage environmental changes. The assessment incorporates network monitoring design, sampling and related installation, and data analysis.

Velosi’s Environmental Modelling services ensure all the necessary support and tools required for mitigating risks and decreasing capital as well as operational expenditures by productive planning and environmental design.

At Velosi, we strongly believe that Environmental Modeling and Assessment can build bridges between the scientific community’s understanding of major environmental problems and the decision makers’ requirement to influence appropriate policies and regulations on the basis of the best available information.

Environmental Modelling and Assessment (EMA)

Benefits of EMA

Able to review interactions between an asset and the surrounding environment through quantitative data and critical analysis.
Helps inform both decisions and policies.
Improves the understanding of natural systems and how they react to changing conditions that include exposure to hazardous substances as well as the temporal and dose effects from the exposure.

EMA Deliverables

Environmental Monitoring that involves Ambient Air Quality, Gas and Liquid Emissions, Surface Water, Soil, and Groundwater Quality
Natural Resource Management and Control
Noise and Vibration Modelling
Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion Modelling
Water Pollutant (Chemical and/or Thermal) Dispersion Modelling
Water Turbidity Modelling


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