Risk Assessment Services

Risk Assessment is the process of analyzing potential hazards and identifying sensible measures accurately to control the risks at the workplace. At Velosi, we address human factors in relation to health and safety, aiming to optimize human performance and reduce human failures. We help our clients take a proportionate approach to human factors in risk assessment based on their hazard and risk profile.

A Risk Assessment is a crucial element for health and safety management as it protects the workers and business, complying with the statutory and regulatory standards.

Risk Assessment Services

5 Essential Steps to Carryout Risk Assessment Services

Identifying the hazards.
Deciding, who might be harmed and how?
Assessing the risks and deciding on control measures.
Recording the findings and implementing them.
Reviewing the assessment and updating if necessary.


Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) Compliance Study
Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Air Dispersion Modeling Study
Project HSE Plan
Noise Assessment Study
Waste Management Plan
H2S Dispersion & Zoning Study
Human Factor Engineering Assessment Study
Ergonomics Study
PHSER Workshops & Study
Construction HSE Plan


Case Studies