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Plant Condition Based Maintenance Monitoring (CBM)

Plant Condition Based Maintenance Monitoring (CBM)

Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) is a systematic approach to monitor the definite condition of an asset to determine what type of maintenance needs to be implemented. CBM imposes that maintenance should only be carried out when particular indexes show signs of declining performance or forthcoming potential failure in a project.

A potential failure is a detectable condition that signifies the likelihood of a breakdown. Integration of condition monitoring is critical in developing a dynamic, condition-based maintenance strategy or predictive maintenance method for equipment and machinery used in industrial applications. Condition monitoring begins with the application of permanently installed sensors or handheld equipment to gather data which can be used to analyze changes in the performance or condition of a machine component while in operation.

At Velosi, data collection for condition monitoring is done single-handedly or in collaboration with the below-mentioned procedures:

  1. Vibration Analysis

    We use this process for monitoring the patterns and levels of vibration signals within a piece of machinery, component or structure to identify unusual vibration events so as to assess the overall condition of the test object.

  2. Thermography Survey

    It is a visual investigation, performed by a certified engineer, to identify unusually high temperatures inside an electrical installation.

  3. Oil Analysis

    Our experts apply this periodic activity to examine oil contamination, oil health and machine wear.

  4. Acoustic Emission Monitoring

    It is a means to trace physical damage in an object or a material in which a stress field forms due to a degeneration mechanism.

  5. Ultrasound Airborne Testing

    We carry out this process for detecting leaks in process gas, steam, vacuum and specifically compressed air systems. We apply this Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) strategy that uses sound waves to discover defects in materials and parts.

  6. Eddy Current Testing

    It is a procedure used in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) which applies electromagnetic induction for detecting and characterizing surface as well as sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

  7. Visual and Optical Testing

    It is one of the methods of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to check the surface condition of a component

  8. Wear Debris Analysis

    Our experts adopt this common analysis tool to detect which degrading activities are happening within a machine or how is it failed.

  9. Motor Current Signature Analysis

    It is a methodology for analyzing and monitoring the trend of powerful energized systems.

  10. Corrosion Monitoring

    We employ this practice to evaluate and monitor structures, equipment components, facilities and process units for any sign of corrosion.

  11. Temperature Monitoring

    It is a basic technique to detect corrosion, loose connections, wear and other issues linked to the asset's conductors such as bus bar and cables.

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