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Welding Certifications (WPS, PQR & WQT) & Material Inspection Services

Welding Certifications (WPS, PQR & WQT) & Material Inspection Services

To meet both statutory and client requirements, manufacturers need independent Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Approvals. VELOSI’s accreditation for approval of procedures covers all types of permanent jointing to EN Standards. We also offer approval for other codes and processes such as brazing and various joining methods for plastics, such as solvent welding.

To process involves:

  • Review and provisional approval of the procedure.
  • On site surveillance of the test piece production against Written Procedures.
  • Witnessing laboratory testing of the test pieces.
  • Review of any Non-destructive or other Test Results.
  • Approval of the Weld Procedure (and welder if appropriate).

Welder Approval

Once a procedure is approved, individual welders can then be assessed against the procedure, using the same process. The approval of the welder is usually valid for 2 years (3 for brazers) as long as the welder is regularly using the process defined in the procedure.

The prolongation of the Welder Approval is possible as long as determined criteria are met.

Material Services

With EC Directives such as the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) standards and specifications, there is an increasing requirement that materials prove they meet the parameters in their chemical and mechanical properties. This has led to the authenticating of material certificate requirements.

VELOSI offers surveillance at the mill to taking samples of material and subjecting them to a rigorous regime of laboratory testing.

Assessment and endorsement by VELOSI of the material certification meets the requirements of a 3.2 certificate as defined in EN 10204 ‘Metallic products- Types of inspection document. It also covers the assessment of plastic materials soon to be incorporated in the above specification.

One result of the introduction of European Directives, such as the PED, has been a requirement for total material traceability. This means that all materials must be fully traceable and documented from the mill to the manufacture of the pressure equipment, or the repair of such equipment.

VELOSI is authorized to supervise and endorse material transfers and material certificates. In practice, material stock list can now issue material certificates for cut pieces with the same validity as the original certificates. Velosi will supervise and record the cutting of the piece, the transfer of the identification, heat or cast number and endorse a copy of the original certificate with an endorsement stamp.

In addition, if you have valuable material in stock that has lost traceability, VELOSI can authenticate it with mechanical and chemical testing at a recognized laboratory. A valid material can then be used in the manufacture of pressure equipment.

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