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Vendor Inspection/Surveillance & Expediting Services

Vendor Inspection/Surveillance & Expediting Services

Quality Control, Vendor inspection and expediting are an integral part of a Project’s purchasing activities. VELOSI offers a complete range of services that comprise Engineering Inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment at the vendor’s works, complete quality control of plate and tubular steel mills, Pre-shipment Inspection for a letter of credit purposes, Expediting at vendor’s works and Technical Capability Audits. Whether for new construction or ongoing maintenance, our services provide confidence that purchased equipment will arrive on time and to the correct specification.


Inspection Vendor Inspection, sometimes referred to as Source Inspection or Third-Party Inspection, covers activities performed at manufacturer’s works of all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation equipment purchased for the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries.

We can accommodate from a single to multiple orders for an entire project. The scope or level of inspection is determined by the client’s requirements which are normally controlled by a Quality Plan. This scope can range from final inspection to an intensive inspection regime starting from the pre-production meeting, through identification and inspection of all raw materials, inspections at all prescribed hold-point stages, witnessing all tests, verification of all documentation and certificates and a final release inspection.

We carry out inspection using our resource base of field Engineers and our global network of offices. All field Engineers are inducted by our Quality Management System and are assessed on an ongoing basis for capability and competency. This has a direct, positive impact on the quality of the inspection services we provide. Vendor Inspection and Expediting Services.

Field and Desk Expediting

Today, expediting is an integral part of the procurement process. In the past, it was considered a corrective rather than preventive function. However, as both the schedule and the pricing of projects become increasingly critical, expediting should be incorporated into the project planning at the onset to ensure timely delivery.

Expediting is the continuous process, of ensuring that final delivery to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible time frame. An expediting service should be implemented independently of inspection activities and be carried out by experienced field expeditors.

Depending on client requirements, expediting services may apply at different stages of a project such as fabrication and assembly, rectification work, material deficit, failure on test or inspection, shipment and packing, and submission of documentation.

Technical Capability Audits

Quality Assurance Engineers carry out Pre-Contract Award Surveys, Supplier Evaluations, Third-Party Quality Assurance Audits and Vendor Surveillance

VELOSI has a good relationship with the vast majority of oil & gas-related vendors around the world enabling us to conduct pre-contract award surveys by QA Engineers with regular experience of these manufacturers.

This can be a very useful tool for clients who are considering placing orders with vendors they are unfamiliar with or those they may have reservations about.

In addition, it may be beneficial, as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise, to receive a full assessment of a manufacturer, once a problematic order has been completed. Supplier Evaluation will include though, not be limited to, details of the vendor’s Quality System, Traceability, Capacity, Current Workload, Manpower, Affiliations, History/Client base, Number of Personnel and their qualifications.

Import Supervision

The scope for import supervision or pre-shipment inspection may include the verification of the goods for quality, quantity, export market price, laboratory testing and analysis, import eligibility, labelling, and value for Customs purposes. The quality and quantity inspection may be for verifying that the goods conform to contractual specifications and that the value and Customs tariff code for Customs purposes, Packing review, and Loading supervision.

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