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VAIL-MTS (Material Tracking System)

VAIL-MTS (Material Tracking System)

VAIL-MTS is a fully functional software for organizing and tracking Materials in different discipline related to Oil & Gas Industry. The purpose of this document is to present a clear and concise procedural outline for using VAIL-MTS so that the user may be able to utilize all its features.

It has a feature of documents management, reporting and integration with third party software tools like MAXIMO, Oracle, SAP, etc… are among the touch points of this software solution.

Features of VAIL-MTS

VAIL-MTS implements and facilitates the tracking of materials throughout the fundamental Inventory management lifecycle as illustrated below:

The features of VAIL-MTS are graphically illustrated below and elaborated thereafter.

  • Easy to use Software
    User friendly and intuitive graphical interface of VAIL-MTS is its trademark and facilitates easy adoption of the software. It allows configuration of dropdown values by admin user so that business users are facilitated with easy to select and consistent options. It has an easy to define Product Catalogue. Bulk upload of data using excel templates is also possible. It has auto generation and printing facility of unique barcode number to track materials.
  • Stock Receipt
    Facility to input Items received, cost, type, and category, location for each received item and to check against PO maintained in system. Facility to input custom units of measurement, Reorder point, reorder quantity. Facility to view BOM, vendor information, movement history and Order history for each item.
  • Stock Transfer
    Role restricted access screens for requesting stock transfer, initiating the transfer, receiving the transfer and marking the transfer complete.
  • Stock Adjustments
    Role restricted access screens for requesting, initiating and completing the stock adjustments.
  • Tracking Movement History
    Facility to view the movement history of all items in a site, and ability to filter by a wide variety of parameters.
  • Auto detection of items requiring reordering
    Alerts and reports for reordering items based on the defined reordering point and reordering quantity. Ability to receive email alerts at predefined email Ids.
  • Comparing with Physical Counts
    Support for logging counted quantity of each item and comparing with the quantity specified in software. Option to reconcile software quantity with actual physical counts.
  • Role Based Security
    Role based Security for each screen. Ability to define group of users and to restrict access based on screens as well as functions (read only, read/ write etc.)
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Several in built reports for Current stock, Stock reordering, Movement histories etc. and ability to filter based on a variety of criteria such as location, site, item, product category etc.
  • VAIL-MTS Interface to SAP
    The purpose of the interface is to ensure connectivity and synchronization between the Material Tracking System and SAP which hosts all the BOM data as a single source of truth. Thus, it is possible to pull or push data from/to SAP from within by using VAIL-MTS Software.
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