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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

For Oil & Gas, Power and Petrochemical Installations Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a systematic approach to create an accurate, well-targeted inspection strategy based on risk. The inspection plans are developed to mitigate the specific failure mechanisms identified. It is applicable to offshore & onshore installations such as fixed or mobile units as well as FPSOs and pipelines.


The oil & gas, process industry handles a wide range of flammable and toxic materials that are potentially hazardous. To reduce the hazards to an acceptable level, the authorities, through legislation, have imposed requirements on the management of plants and facilities, requiring it to demonstrate that it has identified the existing hazards and undertaken mandatory inspection and mitigation measures to prevent accidents. In the cyclic nature of the business, operators constantly find themselves having to balance between meeting the regulatory requirements to shut-down and avoiding business interruption. Those plants that succeed in operating more efficiently and reliably will be better positioned to ensure long-term survival and success. Increasingly, innovative asset integrity strategies such as RBI are being implemented to meet these goals.


Velosi’s Asset Operations Process is based on a risk-based strategy for maintenance and inspection planning (i.e. time based, condition-based, operational or corrective maintenance). These strategies are associated with company and plant objectives towards plant availability and safety. Risk-based methods like Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) can be used to rank systems and equipment and develop strategies for maintenance and inspection.

Software tool for RBI Planning & Inspection Data Management

Velosi has developed a sophisticated software suite called VAIL-Plant to assist in RBI Planning and Data Management. Major features include, not limited to,

  • Inspection Knowledge Management
  • Risk Management
  • Inspection Planning Management
  • Dashboard (Trends)
  • Plant Inspection Requirements (PIRs)
  • Inspection Resource Planning
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring
  • Link Documents and Drawings to assets and allow viewing
  • Classification of Equipment type based on the Plant Hierarchy
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Capture Reliability Data
  • Inspection History Recording
  • Failure & Replacements History Data Capturing
  • Counting of Failures/Leaks against a Customized Filter and Reporting
  • Provides Criticality Assessment using API RBI Quantitative & Velosi Qualitative Methodology
  • Import & Export of Bulk Data using standard format RBI outcomes
  • Risk Ranking, Risk Matrix and Pareto Curves
  • Risk Driving Degradation Methods
  • Probability of Failure and Consequences for each individual Equipment item
  • Establish limits for Process Variables (Parameters) that impact the Integrity of the Assets
  • Calculates Consequence to Personnel, Environment, Production Loss and Material Damage for Ignited and Unignited Leaks
  • Evaluation of the impact of changes in Process Conditions and Materials on Installation Risk and Inspection Program
  • Effect of Inspection Effectiveness and the number of inspections on the individual equipment item risk for a given period of time
  • Inspection Guidelines and Detailed Equipment Inspection Plans can be derived
  • Establish Risk Ranking among individual equipment items in order to optimize inspection efforts and reduce costs. All pressure equipment contains flaws. Most flaws are innocuous; just a few may cause critical failures. Those critical flaws must be found cost-effectively
  • Extend Inspection Intervals beyond statutory requirements
  • Potential for reduction of production loss during Turnaround Inspection
  • Increase Confidence in Equipment Integrity
  • Established path to Regulatory Approval
Velosi Experience
  • Velosi’s association with more than 50 worldwide projects, related to process plants – onshore, offshore and pipelines, demonstrates that the use of RBI philosophy can induce a more organized inspection routine, resulting in significant cost-saving for the oil & gas industry.
  • Cost-saving is achieved from efficient turn-around inspection, deferral of inspection and by specification of optimized online inspection to replace intrusive inspection
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