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Pipeline Construction Quality Services

Pipeline Construction Quality Services

Pipeline operators and stakeholders around the world are obliged to focus on implementing effective quality management during the construction of a pipeline through an organized framework. All these efforts help reduce the current or future security threats of the pipeline.

If a proper strategy for quality assurance is enforced during construction, the chance for a leak or rupture will be reduced significantly, ensuring a drive towards zero injuries, incidents and occupational hazards.

Velosi provides an absolute range of quality management services for both onshore and offshore pipeline development projects. Our quality management services - incorporating both steel and plastic material constructions – constitute:

  • Project verification services
  • Design review and approval
  • Material selection and quality inspection
  • Audit, surveillance, installation and commissioning services
Onshore Pipelines

Velosi offers a full range of quality control services during the construction of the onshore pipeline, including:

  • Welding and other NDE inspectors to monitor the actual jointing functions.
  • Coating inspectors to ensure that the on-site coating of the welded joints is finished.
  • Expert advice on Cathodic Protection systems.
  • Terrain specialists for road, rail or river crossings.
  • Wayleave considerations including agricultural and urban experts.
  • Environmental engineers for rainforests or areas of scientific interest.
Offshore Pipelines

We have extensive experience in providing verification services on major offshore pipeline projects, dynamically positioned pipeline installation vessels during deep-water construction. Our experts are fully conversant with S and J lay installation systems, automated welding techniques, and advanced Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) techniques like automated ultrasonic testing.

Velosi's quality control services during the construction of offshore pipeline include:

  • Project Management
  • Review and Verification of Quality Plans
  • Supervision of all Welding Procedures and Welder Qualification Tests Prior to Operations
  • Quality Audits during Pipe-Lay Program
  • Materials Control Services
  • Health and Safety Inspection
  • Double Jointing Inspection
  • Procedure Verification
  • Welding Qualification and Inspection
  • Inspection of Automated UT Systems
  • Road/Rail/River Crossings
  • Weld Identification and Mapping
  • Cathodic Protection Review and Testing
  • Blasting/Explosives Experts
  • Bend Inspection
  • Backfill Inspection
  • NDE Inspection
  • Coating Inspection
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