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Industrial In-Services Inspection

Industrial In-Services Inspection

Routine maintenance is mandatory to efficiently manage assets like refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas production facilities, solar farms, wind farms, and power plants. Even a slight component failure can cause unwanted downtime and damages.

It is the key priority of every plant owner or manager to assure the safety and integrity of their assets and to have them achieved full potential. Hence, it is crucial to gather specific details on the status of the plant through regular .inspection services

Velosi offers unparalleled Industrial In-service Inspection services that consist of performance verification, maintenance, inspections and preventive failure assessment to help our clients augment productivity and meet regulatory requirements, reducing costly downtime.

Our Industrial In-Services Inspection services include the below processes:

  • Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspections
  • Pipeline In-Service Inspections
  • Storage Tank In-Service Inspections
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Evaluation and Condition Monitoring of CP System
  1. Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspections

    All types of pressure vessels represent extreme potential hazard because of the high pressure under which they operate.

    Velosi's all-inclusive Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspection programs can help plant operators apply inspections, maintenance, performance verification and preventive failure assessment to improve productivity and mitigate costly downtime.

  2. Pipeline In-Service Inspections

    Piping systems used in petrochemical applications and other similar sectors are subject to constant pressure and crunches under the conditions of normal use and handling.

    Velosi provides an extensive Pipeline In-Service Inspections program for plant operators to detect potential risks, thereby allowing to ensure continuing operations and increased productivity.

  3. Storage Tank In-Service Inspections

    Storing an abundance of hazardous materials at facilities can present a threat to the public, environment and the surrounding area. Discharge of these perilous substances into the soil may lead to costly decontamination procedures.

    These types of dangerous situations cause devastating injuries and loss. This is where Velosi's unique Storage Tank In-Service Inspection services come in handy that help our clients conduct periodic inspections to inhibit such hazards from happening.

  4. Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) Inspection

    Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) is a serious type of localized external corrosion that takes place in carbon and low alloy steel equipment that is insulated.

    Velosi offers best in class CUI Inspection services for our clients' refineries and process plants where equipment is usually operated at high temperatures in order to identify the presence of moisture within insulated vessels and pipelines.

  5. Evaluation and Monitoring of Cathodic Protection (CP) System

    Cathodic protection is a procedure performed as an attempt to protect an object from corrosion through making it a cathode. It is done by applying direct current onto a metal object which is in contact with the electrolytic.

    Velosi offers a range of cost-effective Cathodic Protection methods to control the corrosion of various buried and submerged metallic structures. It is one of the effective ways to enhance the life of a structure, ensuring integrity throughout its life cycle.

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