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Risk Base Inspection of Statuary Equipment

Karachi, Pakistan
Pakistan Petroleum Limited
Risk Based Inspection

RBI methodology applied, steps followed, results, recommendations and proposes improvements to manage the risk to acceptable industry levels and optimize future inspection. Key components of this document are the strategies required to effectively manage corrosion concerns for these assets of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).

The objectives of this study is to conduct a risk based inspection assessment study for a total of 4877 tags as stated and shortlisted to:

  • Establish equipment & piping corrosion loops and identify the dominant damage mechanisms
  • Risk Assessment
  • Increase the safety of the plant by minimizing the risk
  • Inspection techniques and methods clearly defined based on thoroughly understanding of potential failure modes
Scope of Work

The scope of work essentially covers but not limited to the following

  • Development of asset integrity management systems.
  • To perform specific corrosion study for each facility including identifying damage mechanism and rate of deterioration.
  • To develop corrosion loops and piping circuits to perform criticality assessment.
  • Provision of integrity management support services.
  • Development and implementation of corrosion and inspection management systems by using VAIL Plant (RBI software), which includes criticality analysis and inspection plan for all facilities.

Equipment / Piping system under current RBI study have been selected from following plants of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL):

P-Plant Purification Plant. DHP Dehydration Plant. SFGCS Plant

Asset Count:


Velosi successfully submitted the following deliverables:

  • Corrosion & Inspection Strategy Document
  • Corrosion Loop Drawings
  • Inspection History Status.
  • Inspection History Findings
  • Comparison of Corrosion Rates
  • Corrosion Loop Asset Register
  • PIR Criteria
  • Risk Assessment Summary
  • Risk Ranking Questionnaire Sheet
  • Risk Ranking Summary
  • List of Critical Assets
  • Inspection Plan
  • Generic Inspection Sketches
  • Equipment and Piping Asset Register
  • Integrity Operating Windows
VAIL Plant Software Modules:
  • PEMS – Pressurized Equipment Management System
  • PSVMS – Pressure Safety Valves Integrity Management System
  • Velosi successfully integrated VAIL Plant Software with PPL SAP.

      • PEMS - Pressurized Equipment Management System
      • PSVMS - Pressure Safety Valves Integrity Management System
      • PIMS - Pipeline Integrity Management System
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