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RBI Implementation Project with Provision of Software and Associated Services

Groupement Berkine
Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
FMECA Study Analysis
Software Provision, Implementation & Management

Strategize a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program and FMECA Study Analysis for Groupement Berkine HBNS and El-Merk field assets in order to equip GB with an efficient and cost effective working method to identify degradation mechanisms and respective failure modes while proposing a credible risk mitigation plan.

Provide Inspection Guidelines for GB assets and establish Standard Operating Procedures for safe execution of various inspection activities whilst maintaining quality at GB HBNS and El-Merk Facilities.

Customization of Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) Software to enable GB to schedule, prioritize and execute the inspection plan along with database management and data collection for Risk Assessment.

Scope of Work
  • RBI:
    Establish a comprehensive Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program for Pipelines, Pressurized Equipment and Piping at HBNS and El-Merk facilities based on best practices and industrial standards to effectively manage corporate assets in order to gain maximum value, profitability and returns while safeguarding personnel, the community, and the environment.
  • FMECA Based Risk Assessment and Inspection Optimization:
    Implementing an FMECA based Risk Assessment Methodology for Pressure Safety Valves and Wellheads at HBNS and El-Merk facilities to optimize the preventive maintenance activities.
  • VAIL Plant Software:
    Provision, Implementation and Management of VAIL Plant Software to continually manage assets for GB HBNS and El-Merk Facilities.
  • Training
    Comprehensive Training and hands on familiarization of GB Engineers during implementation and development of designated software at GB Facilities.

Asset Count:


Velosi submitted the following deliverables to Groupement Berkine:

  • Asset Integrity Management System:
    • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study at GB HBNS and El-Merk Facilities along with Results and Conclusions for the following assets:
      • Equipment & Piping
      • Pipelines
    • FMECA Study & Maintenance Plan for Wellheads and PSVs at HBNS and El-Merk Facilities along with Results and Conclusions.
    • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • VAIL Plant Software Modules:
    • PEMS – Pressurized Equipment Management System
    • PIMSON – Pipeline Integrity Management System – Onshore
    • PSVMS – Pressure Safety Valve Management System
    • WHIMS – Wellhead Integrity Management System
    • ISMS – Inspection Schedule Management System
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