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Design Consultancy Services For the Construction/ Extension of DHQ Hospital Gilgit and Shaheed Saif-ur-Rehman Hospital Gilgit

Gilgit, Pakistan
Gilgit Public Works Department
Feasibility Study Detail Engineering

Gilgit-Baltistan Public Works Department hired a consulting firm for preparation of detail Design for the following works;

  • To carry out environmental impact assessment, Geological Survey soil testing details hospital designing structurally and architecturally for DHQ (District Head Quarter) Hospital Gilgit and Shaheed Saif-ur-Rehman Hospital Gilgit.
  • Feasibility study to prepare a master plan for future construction There, need additional construction, which also requires Shaheed Saif-ur-Rehman Hospital Gilgit from Vision International (NGO).
  • Detail Engineering and Tender document preparation for the DHQ Hospital Gilgit and Shaheed Saif-ur-Rehman Hospital Gilgit

The scope of services is divided into three stages, namely:

  • Reconnaissance Survey /Visit report / topographical detail.
  • Preparation of master plan incorporating all existing Hospital Building, catering future extension also.
  • Preparation of proposed plan.
  • Feasibility study (Technical Economic)
  • Digging of 20 x test pits, i.e. a collection of soil samples, field and lab test, test reports etc.
  • Preparation of Architectural Structural Design
  • Performing structural analyses morally and with building design software
  • Detailed estimate /BOQ of Hospital Buildings.
  • Preparation of PC-I
  • Preliminary Engineering Design & Drawings
    • Survey and Data Collection Report
    • Geotechnical Investigation Report
    • Master Planning work
    • Schematic Design
    • Detailed Architectural Design Detailed Structural Design and other Development
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • PC-1 Development for DHQ Hospital
    • Final Design of DHQ Hospital
  • Working Drawings & Draft Tender Documents
    • Inception Report
    • Feasibility Report
    • Complete Data about land for NSS (Natural Surface Survey).
    • Architectural approved drawings and diagrams
    • Schematic and detailed design and diagrams.
    • Structural Detailed drawings.
    • Detail MEP Design & Drawings
    • Detailed Furniture and Landscaping Layouts
    • Detailed Mapping
    • PC-I for establishment and construction.
    • Tender Documents and BOQs
    • TORs for pre-qualification and selection of the firms and contractors for NSS
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