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Design Consultancy Services for the Extension and Renovation of Ex-Awami Markaz, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Karachi, Pakistan
South Asia
Feasibility Study Detail Engineering

Pakistan Real Estate Investment & Management Company (PRIMACO) appointed Consulting Firms for the Rehabilitation and extension of Ex-Awami Markaz Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, to achieve the followings

  • Preparation of Most Feasible & Economical Proposal/Option to Cover the Suitable Portion of the Existing Open into Rentable Commercial Area to Increase the Income of the Client including the preparing the Design Drawings and the Cost Estimate of the above Proposed Additional Work,
  • Preparation of Design Drawings and the Cost Estimate of the Repair/Renovation Works of All Disciplines i.e. Civil, Electrical, Plumbing and the HVAC Work, of the Entire Building both Interior & Exterior Surfaces

The scope of services is divided into two main parts to be conducted in parallel and iteratively and interactively, namely

Most Feasible Design To Cover Open Areas
  • Data Collection, Feasibility & Scrutiny
  • Preliminary Architectural Drawings
  • Feasibility and Valuation Report .
  • Engineering Drawings, Cost Estimates and BOQs
  • Tender Documents
Design Of Repair/Renovation Works Of Exterior & Interior
  • Preliminary Architectural Drawings
  • Preliminary Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings, Cost Estimates and BOQs .
  • Tender Documents
  • Preliminary Engineering Design & Drawings:
    • Data Collection, Feasibility & Scrutiny Report
    • Preparation of Feasibility and Economical Report
    • Preliminary Design
    • Preliminary Architectural Design & Drawings
    • Structural, Electrical, Telephone, Fire Fighting, CCTV & Plumbing Drawings
    • Fighting, CCTV & Plumbing Drawings Infrastructure and Utilities Design
  • Working Drawings & Draft Tender Documents
    • Floor Planning & Detailed Infrastructure Design
    • Mechanical (Fire Protection & Plumbing Systems)
    • Electrical & CCTV
    • Infrastructure & Functional Drawings
    • Technical Specifications
    • Bills of Quantities
    • Cost Estimation
    • Draft Tender and Contract Conditions
    • Prequalification/Tenders Evaluation
    • Award of Construction Contract
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