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Consultancy and Professional Services Agreement for Update Operating Manuals & Procedures for ADNOC onshore Fields, Terminals & Pipelines - Full Implementation across ADNOC onshore assets.

Abu Dhabi
ADNOC onshore
Update Operating Manuals & Procedures For ADNOC onshore Fields, Terminals & Pipelines – Full Implementation Across ADNOC onshore Assets

For each of its operating sites, ADNOC onshore has Operating Manuals (OMs) and Operating Procedures (OPs) that were developed progressively over the last 40 years, part of the phase-wise field development plans.

As a result of the integrity benchmarking exercise of existing OMs, it was recommended to update the OMs and OPs to reflect the new modifications & expansions to existing facilities.

ADNOC onshore hired Velosi to Update Operating Manuals and Operating Procedures to allow ADNOC onshore to carry out Operation activities in a safe manner and to sustain the integrity of its Asset.

Scope of Work

The scope of work included:

  • Assess the existing OP&Ms in SOW-Assets against ADNOC onshore requirements, industry best practices and recommend areas for improvement.
  • Develop/ Update OP&Ms for the SOW-Assets
  • Upload these documentations on the ADNOC onshore OP&Ms interactive Web Based Framework (WBF).
  • Develop an E-Learning system that will enable young engineers to understand the design features. functionality and key parameters that affect the operation performance of key process equipment.
  • Upload of E-Learning Modules on the ADNOC onshore interactive Learning Management System ( LMS).
  • Train Assets’ Operation staff on how to use and update the new Operating Manuals and E-learning Modules.
  • Monitor and support the deliverables and implement necessary enhancement.

Assets covered:


Velosi successfully submitted the following deliverables:

  • Project Definition Report
  • Development of Operating Manuals (Total Qty. : 64 No.s)
  • Development of Operating Procedure (Total Qty. : 856 No.s)
  • Development of 2D E-Learning Module (Total Qty. : 35 No.s)
  • Development of 3D E-Learning Module (Total Qty. : 42 No.s)
  • Population of web Based Framework and LMS
  • Monitoring & Training
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