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VAIL-POS Software - Point of Sale System Solutions

VAIL-POS Software | Point of Sale System Solutions

VAIL- POS was launched to give every aspiring business owner an easier way to manage restaurants. It has a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn, minimizing training time. It works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

It’s your business—so you should be able to run and grow it. With that being said, VAIL POS is completely customizable and works the way you need it to. In addition, from installation to daily implementation, we always have your back.

  • Service Starter
  • Quick software, quicker solutions. We know you have a busy schedule and you don’t want your POS system to take long time to get up and running. Our technical team ensures everything is up and running in the minimum required timeframe.
  • Menu Management
  • VAIL POS keeps everything in sync. Set up your menu in just a few taps and enjoy a smooth, efficient, and effective ordering experience irrespective of how exhaustive you menu is.
  • Business Bulletproofing
  • Give your business the shield it needs. Choose us with conviction as VAIL POS is known to protect your hard-earned profits. With expansive security and permission controls, your business security never goes for a toss.

Get the retail advantage with one of the world’s easiest POS software system for table management, menu management, reporting, analytics, inventory management and much more. We have created VAIL POS to keep you ahead of time. With amazing features for coursing that keep chefs and servers in sync and real-time reporting, VAIL POS help you maximize your profits.

Main Features of VAIL POS:
  • Restaurant Tableside Ordering System
  • Restaurant Payment Processing Solutions
  • Restaurant Credit Card Processing
  • Restaurant Table Management
  • Restaurant CRM Software
  • Staff Management and Scheduling
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Menu Management Software
  • Restaurant Inventory Management
VAIL-POS Major Benefits:
  • Boost Sales - Built-in smart upsell features such as pop-up modifiers and visual menus to increase your revenue.
  • Enhance Service- Provide more time to the service staff on floor by using tableside ordering with the iPad.
  • Valuable Insights - Make informed decisions by knowing how servers are performing, how menu item sell and more.
  • Easy Ordering - Add menu items to an order and send instantly with just a tap.
  • Automatic Upselling - Pop-up modifiers to boost sales and upsell on the spot.
  • Simple Splitting - Split seats, bills or items in a jiffy.
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