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Software Solution Services

Velosi Software Solutions

Velosi has successfully developed and implemented multiple software solutions for a diverse range of clients in the energy sector around the world. Through our team of experienced and highly qualified software engineers, we provide innovative software services to many organizations, thus empowering them to acquire the best value from their technology investment.

We work in close liaison with technical teams at energy companies to leverage the technology and infrastructure, support operations, and to provide a market-tested and accepted one-stop customized software solution for all the asset types of our clients in the energy sector.

Here are the software solutions developed by Velosi in order to meet a variety of business operations requirements:

  1. VAIL-Plant (Asset Integrity Management System)

    VAIL-Plant is a leading fully certified (API 580 and ASME B31.8S) Asset Integrity Software Solution specifically designed for Oil and Gas, Power and Petrochemical industries to facilitate inspection and maintenance management cycles by using RBI, RCM, SIL, and FMECA approaches.

    VAIL-PHA (Process Hazard Analysis)

    VAIL-PHA SIL software is Velosi's proprietary software and is built to execute all stages of SIL Classification, SIL Verification and preparation of Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS). The software also supports testing interval and Spurious Trip Rate (STR) calculations of SIFs.

    VAIL-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

    VAIL-ERP is an enterprise resource planning software, aka business management application, that provides integrated, cost-effective and comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions.

    VAIL-Flow (Workflow Management)

    VAIL-Flow is a dynamic approval management software exclusively developed to revolutionize the way your documents are approved. This software can be used to manage the approvals of various types of documents from internal HR approvals to the issuance of technical reports.

    VAIL-CTR (Cost, Time and Resource Management)

    Velosi's VAIL-CTR is a specifically designed software for estimating the applicable costs, time and resources for each CTR activity based on the company requirements. It describes the boundaries for each of the required activities to complete the work.

    VAIL-MTS (Material Tracking System)

    The VAIL-MTS is a fully-functional software which is particularly developed as part of the asset tagging, tracking and verification purposes to help users effectively track, distribute, and maintain their assets.

    VAIL-PSRA (Petrol Station Risk Assessment)

    Velosi's VAIL-PSRA is a professional software solution categorically developed in accordance with the guidelines set out in HS (G) 146: Dispensing Petro, NFPA 30A, and PSSI-S-GDL-001 for the risk assessment purposes at petrol stations.

    VAIL-ORP (Online Reporting Portal)

    VAIL-Online Reporting Portal is a web-based application which enables our clients to issue inspection/service reports after the completion of a particular assessment by our technical team.

    VAIL-CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Consists of three major components, namely sales force automation, marketing automation and service automation, VAIL - CRM compiles data from an array of different communication channels, including a firm's website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing collaterals and more importantly, social media.

    VAIL-HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

    Velosi's VAIL-HRMS software is developed for businesses to help combine a range of necessary HR functions, including managing payroll, storing employee data, time and attendance, recruitment, benefits administration, employee performance management, and tracking down competency and training records.

    VAIL-POS (Point of Sale System)

    VAIL- POS was launched to give every aspiring business owner an easier way to manage restaurants. It has a user-friendly interface that’s fast to use and easy to learn, minimizing training time. It works seamlessly with existing or new hardware. All your data is synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

    VAIL - Feedback

    Velosi's feedback software comes with an abundance of features to adequately accumulate reviews, opinions or any data that is vital to the smooth operation of a business. VAIL - Feedback allows you to build stronger relationships with your guests and customers while providing you with utmost flexibility on when and how to compile feedback.

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