Health, Safety & Environmental Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES)

Health, Safety & Environmental Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES)

Health, Safety & Environmental Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES) are that Equipment and Systems at RRD whose failure could cause or contribute to an accident with severe or catastrophic consequences or whose purpose it is to prevent or limit the effect of such an accident.

The consultant carries out the HSECES audit by benchmarking the ongoing activities in a company and highlighting potential exposure and significant HSE risks. The business impact of these risks is studied against Threat Controls (Barriers), Recovery Preparedness Measures and associated Escalation Controls which form the HSE Critical Systems.

A systematic approach to identify HSE critical equipment and systems involves:

  • Identifying hazards and effects
  • Assessing their significance
  • Providing control for threats
  • Providing recovery preparedness in the event that control is lost.

The objectives of HSE Critical Equipment’s Systems Identification & Management are:

  • Performance standards are prepared for all identified HSECES
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative performance requirements to the item, equipment or computer program
  • Protect people and the environment from a major hazard involving fire, explosion and the release of toxic gases and fumes
  • Ensure effective escape from affected areas of the site, evacuation of the site or transference of people to a place of safety.

  • Identification of HSECES
  • ICP Audit for HSECES Verification
  • Quality Performance Standards
  • HSECES performance standards for all identified HSECES
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