Health, Safety & Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (HSEIA)

HSE & Environmental Services

With our experts and qualified professional, Velosi provides various HSE & Environmental services creating organized efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances. We perform HSEIA Studies, Risk Assessment Management and below services to ensure a safe working environment

Health, Safety & Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (HSEIA)

Health, Safety & Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (HSEIA) is a systematic process of identifying HSE impacts of existing, new or substantially altered projects, and establishing mitigation requirements.

Our Health, Safety & Environment Professionals assist clients to develop the processes and procedures necessary to manage Health, Safety, and environment in their workplace. We have the knowledge and practical experience to benchmark your current competence for the on-going identification, evaluation, and control of risks in your workplace.

We will assist you in quantifying the direct business from a successfully implemented HSE strategy.

HSEIA Studies are generally required for the whole life cycle of the project (i.e. four stages):
  • Conceptual Design & FEED Stage
  • Detailed Engineering & Construction (EPC) Stage
  • Operation & Maintenance Stage
  • Decommissioning/Disposal and Site Restoration Stage
Its purpose:
  • To be a primary means of communicating risk associated with facilities, and activities that have the potential to cause harm to the environment, people, reputation or the asset
  • To be a living document that considers the full life-cycle of project, facilities and operations
  • To be a demonstration of implementation of sound HSE practices rather than a description.

  • SIMOPS & MOPO) Reports
  • HAZID, ENVID, OHID Workshops Reports
  • Emergency System Survivability
  • Analysis (ESSA) Report
  • Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) Compliance Report
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Air Dispersion Modeling Report
  • OHRA Report
  • QRA Report
  • FRA Report
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • (EIA) Report
  • HSEIA management system (HSEMS)
  • Review and Report
  • Project HSE Plan
  • Review & update of HSEIA Reports
  • Construction HSE Plan
  • Building Risk Assessment (BRA) Study
  • Evacuation Escape & Rescue Analysis
  • (EERA) Report
  • Noise Assessment Study
  • COMAH Report
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Fire & Gas Mapping Study
  • Drop Object Study
  • HSECES Performance Standards
  • HSEIA Report
  • Hazop Workshop & Report
  • H2S Dispersion & Zoning Study
  • Ergonomics Study Report
  • Explosion Risk Assessment
  • Gas Dispersion Analysis
  • HSEIA Screening Report
  • PHSER Workshops & Report
  • Human Factor Engineering Assessment
  • Study Report
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