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About us

Message from Managing Director

Welcome to Velosi Asset Integrity Limited, a gateway to a Complete Asset Integrity Management, HSE, Engineering Services and Software Solutions.

We offer a full range of specialist engineering consultancy services complete with our own in-house proprietary software that has been developed and tailored to the Energy business. As a service provider, we are always proactive and listen to the voice of our customers to fully understand their needs. No task is too daunting or challenging, as we have the backing and support of a multinational Corporate Organization who drives the business in meeting the aims/goals of our shareholders. Within VAIL, our greatest asset is our people who are qualified in all engineering disciplines, multi-tasking, highly motivated and wanting to serve our customers always.

The VAIL business is focused on supporting our customers wherever they are working in managing the integrity of their operational assets to maximize efficiency, reliability, and costs. New projects offer us fresh challenges, while existing plants are becoming more aged and in need of more effective maintenance with the view to fit for purpose and life extension.

We look forward to working with you!

Ijaz Ul Karim Rao


With over 39+ years of worldwide experience, Velosi is a leading global consulting firm that provides Asset Integrity Management, HSE, Engineering Services and Software Solutions to clients in the energy industry around the world.

By combining global coverage and local knowledge with our wide range of services we are able to create tailored solutions to individual problems. Our range of inter-related services and modular methodology ensures that we can accommodate a wide range of projects.

Velosi has developed a comprehensive Asset Integrity Management software; VAIL-Plant, that can be tailored to fulfill the specific needs of Energy companies worldwide.


Velosi has more than 39+ years of experience helping clients by providing a one-stop center for complete Asset Integrity Management, HSE and Engineering Services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide.

We operate globally through our associated offices in Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Velosi can offer you a complete asset integrity management and software solution.

The strength of our approach comes from offering a multiregional service while meeting local needs. Velosi achieves this because we operate in selected world's major established and emerging markets.

From your local offices, you will be able to easily access our network to receive the service that you need. This approach provides a solution to companies who are trying to control operations in unfamiliar territories remotely.

By cutting through barriers, we provide companies with the highest levels of commitment and personalized services.

Global Leadership

Mr. Ijaz Ul Karim Rao
Managing Director

Mr. Ijaz Ul Karim Rao is the Managing Director of Velosi Asset Integrity Limited, Abu Dhabi. He holds two offices Velosi Pakistan and Asset Integrity management ....Read more

Ms. Mubeena Khatoon

Ms. Mubeena Khatoon is presently working as a director of engineering services for Velosi Pakistan and VAIL Abu Dhabi. She has over twenty-one (21) years of working ....Read more

Anthony James Williams
Mr. Anthony James Williams
General Manager (Global Sales)

Anthony James Williams is a talented and seasoned executive with over 45 years of experience in oil and gas Industry. He brings a ....Read more

Arshad Ali
Mr. Arshad Ali
Manager Software Developement & IT

Mr. Arshad Ali is the Head of Software Development and IT Department with over 12 years of experience in solution development and project management ....Read more

Imran Saeed
Mr. Imran Saeed
Head of RBI Services

Mr. Imran Saeed is the Head of RBI Services for Velosi Asset Integrity Services-Abu Dhabi and leading different RBI Projects related to equipment & piping, ....Read more

Muhammad Mansoor Haider
Mr. Muhammad Mansoor Haider
Head of Drafting Services and Technical Support

Mr. Muhammad Mansoor Haider is the Head of Design Engineering & Technical Support Department of Velosi Asset Integrity Management Services in Abu Dhabi. ....Read more

Gayathri Mohan
Ms. Gayathri Mohan
Head of HSE & SIL Department

Ms. Gayathri Mohan is the head of HSE & SIL department in Velosi Asset integrity Services Abu Dhabi leading projects in Health, Safety & Environment. She holds more ....Read more

M Karim Shah
Mr. M Karim Shah
Lead Instrument-Reliability Engineer

Mr. M Karim Shah is a Lead instrument-reliability engineer at Velosi Asset Integrity Services-Abu Dhabi leading different Projects of RCM. He has over 12+ years' ....Read more

Muhammad Waqas Haider
Mr. Muhammad Waqas Haider
Head of Engineering Design Department

Mr. Muhammad Waqas Haider is Lead mechanical engineer at Velosi Asset integrity Services Abu Dhabi leading different projects of Engineering and Fitness for ....Read more

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