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Dragon Oil
Middle East
Software Supply & System Implementation
Documentation, training & support

Dragon Oil appointed Velosi to develop a robust asset integrity management software to support all of its Onshore and Offshore assets located in Turkmenistan.

  • Velosi has successfully developed a robust asset integrity management software that supports all of its Onshore and Offshore assets, including Pipeline, Pressurized Equipment, Structures, PSVs, and Electrical and Rotatory Equipment.
  • The software should be able to store all relevant data in accordance with industry or other relevant standards, allowing for future upgrades and future developments of modules to enable a variety of analyses that are expected to be used for decision-making.
  • The software must be integrated into the Oracle E-business Suite applications database and handle inspection records for the following asset types:
    • Pressurized equipment &Piping
    • Pressure Safety Valves (future)
    • Onshore Pipelines
    • Jacket Structures
    • Offshore Pipelines
Scope of Work:
  • Software System Supply
  • System Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Pilot study for Topside Equipment (94) , Process Piping (160) , Structures Platforms (3) and Pipelines (5)
  • PEMS (Pressured Equipment Management System)
  • PIMS-ON (Pipeline Integrity Management System Onshore)
  • PIMS-OFF (Pipeline Integrity Management System Offshore)
  • SIMS (Structure Integrity Management System)
  • CMMS Interface (ORACLE interface module)
  • APMS (Asset Performance Management System)
  • ISMS (Inspection Schedule Management System)
  • PSVMS (Pressure Safety Valves Management System)
  • EIRMS (Electrical, Instrumentation and Rotary Management System)
  • Control Panel ( Application Setting Module For Administrator)
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